At his beginning, the artist used a substance that came from  moods and memories. It brings it towards those subtle spells which intrigue the most exposed areas of the human mind. Nowadays, the author has achieved expressions which are barer and barer compared with the initial baroque influences and go nearly beyond the canvas with a spatial objective
Chromaticities have changed and the paintings are scratched by large cuts often fixed with bandages almost as a repentance of an extrinsic pain.

At the present moment, we look at works made on tables which are used as support and base for cloths which are then dyed with dissonant colors. They derive from the different materials used at the time  to reach a paradigmatic representation of the artist's emotional and cultural state.
His need for experimentation has pushed the artist to collaborate with the painter Anna Caser and create the ACCA Group: although they have different experiences and trainings, they participated toghether to an artistic project of several installations.

Adriano Cecco




Installations ACCA Group